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Saeedbuckle Group

Our mission and vision

Saeedbuckle since 1990, its activity in the field of selling fasteners related to the Bags industry ، Shoes, belts and clothes with the name of Saeedbuckle or s.buckle started.

Due to the fact that the related manufacturers did not consistently meet the standards required by this collection, as well as our dear customers, and we faced quality fluctuations at various intervals. We decided to build a die-casting foundry in 2003 and then add molding, polishing, pressing and other related industries to this complex so that all the manufacturing steps can be done in one unit.

We hope that by relying on God Almighty and the increasing efforts of eighty professional and committed personnel Saeedbuckle Group We can have a share in promoting the industry of our beloved country Iran

Specialization of Saeedbuckle Group

Specializes in designing and manufacturing standard and custom buckles. Zinc, brass and steel are available and can be molded, cast or stamped.

All of them can be offered in a set of finishes. Buckles are used in various industries including tents and canopies, military, medicine, harness, horse, pet, luggage, straps, firefighting equipment, tool belt systems, motorcycles and fashion.

We have a good inventory. On request sample. We can produce custom-made parts for you

High quality fasteners

You will fall in love with them by choosing our clothing fasteners. From decorated and ordinary metal buckles to buttons and more .. We have exactly what you are looking for. Suitable for clothes, coats, work clothes, bags, belts, swim wear and other items.